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Road Trip, Marathon,Fly Fishing & Blackwoodstock

All in New Caledonia


One of the best ways to see the most of New Caledonia’s main island is by hiring a car and venturing on a road trip.

We’ve created a 12-day self-drive itinerary, to guide you on your way. Starting in Nouméa, the itinerary weaves north along the wild and rugged west coast, through New Caledonia’s mountains to the lush and tropical east coast and back down to the country’s capital.

Go snorkeling, meet the locals, hike a mountain trail or two, or perhaps explore the open plains of the west coast and the tropical waterfalls of the east. The open road is yours and adventure awaits.

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Ready for a challenge? Get your runners on and join New Caledonia's 35th International Marathon this August!

Be part of one of the major sporting events of New Caledonia, around the picturesque bays of Nouméa. New Caledonia International Marathon has become a key event in the annual sporting calendar and attracts around 150 competitors. Each year that this event has been conducted, it has attracted many athletes from around the world, all eager to participate in this challenging and pristine environment. A half-marathon is also available. 

Discover some great deals and get ready for an unforgettable experience in this French Pacific paradise.


Fly fishing in New Caledonia means two things: beautiful scenery and big bonefish.

Salt-water fly fishing is growing in popularity, with many anglers now travelling to tropical and exotic locations to find a variety of fish. Surrounded by a 1,600km long coral reef (second largest in the world after Australia's Great Barrier Reef) and boasting the largest lagoon in the world, New Caledonia is perfect for fishing, and fly fishing in particular. The sandflat habitats of the reef and lagoon are said to house some of the largest bonefish in the world.

Learn about the recent Fly Odyssey fly fishing experience in New Caledonia plus all the best tips and spots to know for fly fishing in around the island.

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It’s true that the French food, culture and language are often considered to be some of the most romantic in the world. So, what if you told you that you can have your own romantic French escape a little closer to home… bienvenue (welcome) to the beautiful islands of New Caledonia.

With its magnificent sunsets, luxurious hotels and French cuisine, New Caledonia is the perfect destination for a romantic escape or honeymoon. A tropical paradise with crystal clear water, white sand beaches and a slower pace of life, it’s a destination that tugs at the heart and is perfect to share with a special someone.

Here we’ve created a guide brimming with ideas on spending your honeymoon or a romantic getaway in New Caledonia. From idyllic islands to intimate dinners, you won’t be able to escape the New Caledonia love.

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Don’t miss The Dandy Warhols’ first trip to New Caledonia to play the Blackwoodstock Rock Arts and Music Festival from 22 to 24 September, 2017.

Now in its fifth year, the Blackwoodstock Rock Arts and Music Festival offers music-lovers three days of open air concerts in the fabulous setting of Fort Téremba, on New Caledonia’s west coast.

Get ready for a celebration of music, theatre and visual arts, with a fantastic line up of artists including: The Dandy Warhols (US), Les Wampas (FRA), Thomas Fersen (FRA), Kikagaku Moyo (JPN) and Les 3 Accords (QBC).

Overlooking the lagoon and surrounded by rolling grassland and tropical scenery, Fort Téremba is the perfect open air festival venue. Come and join us for an unforgettable weekend of music and arts.

Festivalgoers can camp onsite for an immersive festival experience or may opt for comfort with accommodation in the nearby La Foa and Bourail areas.

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