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Back on Board 2019

Navigating with John & Cushla

Here we are day one on Waitui - “Home, ….blissful familiar Home!, ….with all its spiders and collection of leaves on deck.”  The repair work of last years renovation job has been completed and we are feeling good to go at last!

We have two days to get to Auxerre where we are meeting up with Richard and Bridget who will be staying for a few nights.   Auxerre, with its ancient half-timbered houses and 3 cathedrals, is a very special place and worthy of a couple of nights stay.

 We were travelling back to Waitui in a taxi and going through a two way tunnel under the railway tracks. A large truck stopped in the middle and the driver got out  which seemed pretty strange, then we realised that he had misjudged his height and was firmly wedged against the tunnel ceiling!   Lucky for us we were going in the opposite direction to him, as the traffic had already started to back up behind him - but we were out of there and on our way !  We didn't hear about the outcome - surprising really as in small towns like Migennes the grapevine usually provides the locals with all the gossip of the day.  :-) 

Gurgy is a tiny village half way between Auxerre and Migennes, trying to put itself on the map for boaties and campervan tourists.   To attract visitors it has built 3 small huts in a picnic/parking area alongside the river out of which every evening they have free wine tasting, free cheese tasting, then follow it up with tasty small eats such as mini quiches, pancakes, various hotdogs and bread rolls, chips, french pastries, icecreams and slurry ice drinks for kids  The night we stopped, the  ‘tasting’ wine flowed very generously and as the characters running the operation started joining in with the guests, the tasting became ‘full glasses’ and the operators became more inebriated than the guests.  Gifts and food samples flowed also.  Pity I wasn’t up to sharing in the wine tasting at that stage but I did manage two delicious apple juices.  It was one big happy party of about 4 boats and probably 8 - 10 campervans.  It’s popularity has spread rapidly.

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